Perthro – Initial Rune Study

Six months ago I started a thorough initial study of the Elder Futhark. Each week I would focus on a new rune, reading the rune poems and a number of published interpretations. While these posts are old (originally posted to my Tumblr), I want to move them over here for easy reference.

Week 14: Perthro

Basic meaning:  Lot cup

Further meanings:  Uncertain meaning, a secret matter, a mystery, hidden things and occult abilities.  Mystery of divination and synchronicity.  Initiation, knowledge of one’s destiny, knowledge of future matters, determining the future of your path.  Well of knowledge for growth.  Vagina, pertaining to things feminine, feminine mysteries including female fertility.  Good lot, fellowship, and joy.

Divinatory meanings:  May point to something that has been kept secret from you by others or that you are not supposed to know.  If it repeatedly pops up in a reading, it may be telling you that you are asking something you shouldn’t know about.  May point to evolutionary change and an initiation into secrets or mysteries.  Hidden potential.  Indicates hidden layers of the primal laws.  Great patterns of cosmic becoming.

Merkstave meanings:  Addiction, stagnation, loneliness, malaise.  Delusions, fantasies, megalomania.

Magical uses:  Can act as a connection with the unseen, with hidden knowledge.  Perception of the primal laws.  Divination.  Placing runic forces in the stread of Nornic law.  To transform an idea into a magical act.

Personal thoughts on and associations with Perthro

A lot of this rune is fairly self-explanatory above as it relates to magic.  I particularly appreciate it in reference to this post that talks about the Norns as those who understand the fabric of the multiverse in a very quantum physics and string theory kind of way.  To me, Perthro seems to be that link that’s just not quite tangible enough to really grasp and yet very much what reality is made of.

The idea of the lot cup also ties it into my beliefs on how magic works.  Magic is never 100% going to work, but it definitely helps your odds.  It’s making the odds a little more in your favor, sometimes a lot more.  So tying the idea of a lot cup to magical initiation and experience makes sense to me.

There are a lot more deeper meanings to this rune, but I do not feel ready or qualified to comment further on them.  I think much of it is in the act of experiencing.

Sources for meanings:

  • Runelore by Edred Thorsson
  • Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic by Edred Thorsson
  • Principles of Runes by Freya Aswynn
  • Northern Mysteries and Magick by Freya Aswynn

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