Laguz – Initial Rune Study

Six months ago I started a thorough initial study of the Elder Futhark. Each week I would focus on a new rune, reading the rune poems and a number of published interpretations. While these posts are old (originally posted to my Tumblr), I want to move them over here for easy reference.

Week 21: Laguz

Basic meaning:  Water, lake, or sea; a leek

Further meanings:  Flow, water, sea, a fertility source, the healing power of renewal.  Life energy and organic growth.  Imagination and psychic matters.  Dreams, fantasies, mysteries, the unknown, the hidden, the deep, the underworld.  Waters of life as well as death.  Rune of healing and initiation.

Divinatory meanings:  Success in travel or acquisition, but with the possibility of loss.  A period of growth, healing, or initiation.

Reversed/Merkstave meanings:  An indication of a period of confusion in your life.  You may be making wrong decisions and poor judgments.  Lack of creativity and feelings of being in a rut.  Fear, circular motion, avoidance, withering.  Madness, obsession, despair, perversity, sickness, suicide.

Magical uses:  Guidance through difficult initiatory tests.  Increase in vitality and life force.  Gathering of magical power for formation into willed result.  Increase in magnetism.  Development of second sight.

Personal thoughts on and associations with Laguz

This rune has hit me in a strange but relevant time in my life.  I’ve been healing from my own mental problems, but at the same time been confronted with a lot of thoughts and considerations involving my spiritual and religious beliefs.  The difference is that, in the past when confronted with the same doubts, it would start a depressive or anxiety cycle.  Now it’s like a world of opportunities.

This is also a magically significant rune for me.  The way I do magic is as much about the flow leading up to the needed change as it is about the change itself.  Laguz teaches how to better get into that flow to manipulate it and ready it for change.

Sources for meanings:

  • Runelore by Edred Thorsson
  • Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic by Edred Thorsson
  • Principles of Runes by Freya Aswynn
  • Northern Mysteries and Magick by Freya Aswynn

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