Dagaz – Initial Rune Study

Six months ago I started a thorough initial study of the Elder Futhark. Each week I would focus on a new rune, reading the rune poems and a number of published interpretations. While these posts are old (originally posted to my Tumblr), I want to move them over here for easy reference.

Week 23: Dagaz

Basic meaning: Day or Dawn

Further meanings: Breakthrough, awakening, awareness.  Daylight clarity as opposed to night time uncertainty.  The power of change directed by your own will, transformation.  Hope, happiness, the ideal.  Security and certainty.  Growth and release.  Balance point, the place where opposites meet.  Transforming consciousness.  Catalyst for change.

Divinatory meanings: A time to plan or embark upon an enterprise.  A time of fruitful change into a more secure situation.

Merkstave meanings: A completion, ending, limit, coming full circle.  Blindness, hopelessness.  Destructive impulsiveness.

Magical uses:  Can hide things from view.  Can aid in enlightenment and cosmic consciousness and awareness.  Attaining mystical moments by seeing into paradoxes.  Reception of mystical inspiration.

Personal thoughts on and associations with Dagaz

Some people choose to put Dagaz as the last rune of the Elder Futhark.  While I’m following the Dagaz-then-Othala ordering, I am currently connecting to Dagaz as a signal to the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.  Its transformative power is needed and wanted in my life right now.

Lately I’ve been taking stock of things in my life.  Mundane things like my job, my home, finances, how I spend my time; but also magic and religious things.  A lot of it is tying into my battle with depression.  I’m at a point where I’m fine most of the time but when one thing challenges my mental wellbeing the overall foundation crumbles very quickly.  Really minor things will trigger questioning my entire life.

Dagaz is a promise.  Right now I am hesitant to believe in it, but I’m striving for it nonetheless.

I did find a quote I really liked in Thorsson’s Rune Magic book:

“Dagaz is that time/place in which darkness and light, pleasure and pain, life and death, body and soul, matter and energy are synthesized into a common opposition.  In Dagaz, language fails.”

Dagaz symbolizes a strong feeling I can’t put words to that comes about from being caught in the waters of strongly different tides.  That makes sense to me because I feel it every single day.

Sources for meanings:

  • Sunnyway.com/runes/index.html
  • Runelore by Edred Thorsson
  • Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic by Edred Thorsson
  • Principles of Runes by Freya Aswynn
  • Northern Mysteries and Magick by Freya Aswynn

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