New Year’s Resolutions and You: Witchcraft version

This Crooked Crown

Every New Year’s Day there’s about a million posts online that tell you how to make good resolutions and/or keep them. The most popular are saving money, read more, quit something (smoking, drinking, a hated job, etc), learn something new, and exercise/eat healthier1. However the most common ones are also the easiest to break2. However, magic practitioners have a leg up on every else.

How? How don’t you?

The view from my front door.

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The following will inform you just how very easy it can be to keep that New Year’s resolution – or at least have a better chance at keeping it.

  • Knot spells – Trying to quit a bad habit? Get an elastic band and braid over the elastic with thread or ribbon. As you braid, make your confirmations that this is what you’re going to…

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