Eternity and Endings

The Pagan Blog Project: E is for Eternity and Endings

Last week I posted some of my general thoughts about death.  Truth is, I have a lot of fear and anxiety concerning death.  I understand it as a biological ending, but the idea of the nothingness, or perhaps the dissolving of the ego into a greater whole, or even some other version of an afterlife, is something I can’t grasp.  It scares me because I don’t have control over it, and have no idea what to expect.

Psychologists generally expect every human being to start facing the reality of death once they reach age forty and beyond.  For me I’ve given great thought to it since before I was a teenager.  It would always start when I would imagine the the universe and would utterly fail at being able to comprehend infinity.  This would often lead to actual terror.

Thus leading to the desperate spiritual journey.  Oddly, I have no more answers than before, just a little more peace in not knowing.  I am still afraid, but by gradually understanding more of the divine, I am less so.

This is short this week, but I felt it important to write as it’s a significant part of my path.


3 thoughts on “Eternity and Endings

  1. migdalit says:

    I think accepting death is an important part of shadow work. That’s probably why it is quite common to find it being a topic for – even very young – Pagans. In visiting the realms beyond the physical world we just don’t have the luxury of waiting until it comes to haunt us some time during mid-life crisis.

  2. mannyashe says:

    I agree with migdalit, accepting the inevitability of our mortality is not only important for shadow work but also as an existential part of being Human. Death is scary. It is an unknown variable we don’t have much control over in regards as to what happens. We all have theories and beliefs regarding an afterlife, reincarnation, etc., however that is part of what makes the spiritual journey a journey: the thrill of the unknown.

    Meditate, connect with the spiritual realm for guidance and comfort, and discover for yourself what may lie after physical death. I’m not going to give my opinion because every individual’s Truth is different and is for them to discover. I can’t tell you what to expect, that’s for you to discover on your own.

    But remember, just simply accepting your mortality isn’t going to help you feel better, you have to embrace it. Having begun questioning and wanting to know more about what could happen afterwards is the most important step in finding peace and your personal Truth in this subject….and you’re ahead of the game of far too many people who aren’t prepared when their time comes.

    Blessings and I hope you find peace in this subject, friend.

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