Storm Altar

April and May are probably the most dangerous months where I live in Tornado Alley.  Between damaging winds and hail and a near constant threat of tornadoes, Spring is the season I dread the most, despite how much we need the rain from these storms to break the drought we’ve been in for a very long time.

Last year I had a Storm Candle that I would light whenever a storm was heading our way.  We suffered minimal property damage last year, so I thought this year I would expand that idea to a full Storm Altar.

The various things pictured above are to encourage rainfall while maintaining protection from wind and hail.

From left to right:

  1. The Lantern – To me a lantern has always symbolized vigilance.  It represents Heimdall on my altars and shrines.
  2. The White Candle – This is my Storm Candle from last year.  The rune on it is the protective version of Hagalaz.
  3. The Rain Bottle – Filled with the rain from the first spring rainfall from last year, this bottle is here to encourage helpful rainfall and rejuvenation of the land.  The rune Laguz is written on the front.  However, on the back is the rune Algiz.  When we are at high threat of a tornado, I use this bottle to try to encourage the storm to unwind.
  4. The Sun – Hidden almost as often as it is shining during Spring, I keep this here as a reminder to myself that the storm and stress is necessary.  Summer will come eventually.
  5. Thor – Pretty sure he’s self-explanatory.  The candle and stone next to him are there for more storm imagery.
  6. The Green Candles – There is a line of four of these against the west side of the altar.  Most of our storms approach from the west.  The idea here is to break up wind in such a way that it can’t organize into a tornado.  The rune Eihwaz is written on each of these.
  7. The Two Feathers & Black Stone – The feathers are blue to emphasize the wind element.  The black stone has Algiz written on it.  When the wind picks up to where I don’t feel comfortable, the black stone goes on the feathers.
  8. The Nine Tealights – I use these any time I am asking for the assistance of Northern European deities because nine is a sacred number.  Burning nine candles down is also how I activate the altar.
  9. What’s with the bull in the background? – Well aside from the bull often being tied to fertility as is rain, it also is there because of personal associations I have with the rune Uruz and Thor.

No, I don’t have any illusion that I am capable of controlling the weather.  But if I can have any influence on keeping my family and house safe aside from the mundane things we do anyway, I’m going to do what I can.

I hope all of you who are in a similar situation get through Spring in one piece.


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