The Pagan Blog Project: I is for Instar

Before getting more comfortable with where I was in the pagan sphere, I was really into the whole Maiden-Mother-Crone concept.  I don’t know why – even at the time I knew it didn’t really work for me.  I was never going to be a mother.  But in general I liked how it represented stages of life.  It just didn’t happen to be my life.

Now I think of life stages as instars.  An instar is a stage in the very complex metamorphosis of an insect.  Basically, each time the insect molts, it is another instar, until it reaches sexual maturity.

I like the concept of instars better because it’s not a matter of changing into an already highly-defined role.  It’s more a matter of figuring out what kind of bug you are.

I’m a cicada. ❤


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