The Pagan Blog Project: J is for Juniper

While herbalism and general herbal lore has always been interesting to me, I’ve never quite had the dedication to fully study it.  Part of this stems from the fact that I’m very bad at identification.  Juniper trees, however, are one of the few I am pretty confident in naming.  While there’s a lot of varieties apparently, I can at least recognize them.

My most recent memory of a juniper tree was from March when my partner and I were on vacation to a state park.  She likes to fish which I couldn’t care less about, so while she was doing that I found a nice little shaded cubby-hole to curl up in and write.  The tree I was leaning against was a juniper.

I live in a city, so getting this close to a tree in a quiet place is a rare occurrence for me.  And I wish it wasn’t!  I’m pretty much deaf and blind to spirits of any kind, and even I felt a sense of curiosity as I worked, like I could really sense the personality of the tree.  After I kept still there for twenty minutes or so, a couple of birds came to it and, while they didn’t get too close, were not startled by my presence either.

Other juniper trees I’ve met have felt similarly.  I don’t know if this is normal or if I just happen to like them so I get that from them whether it’s there or not.  In any case, I find their presence to be an odd combination of calming and inspiring.

However, I’d never really spent any time researching the properties of juniper.  I just did a few web searches to see a few impressions.  I can see fairly quickly how we might be compatible.  I’m not especially skilled with most magic, but one thing I’ve got down pretty well is purification and protection, two of the main properties of juniper according to multiple sources.  They’re also known to aid in clairvoyance.  Seeing this makes me think my initial impression isn’t all that off.  Inspiration works with the psychic aspects, and the protection aspect I felt as a calming presence.

Looks like it’s time for me to take a few walks till I find a juniper tree locally in one of the public parks.  I need a new friend.



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