Keepers and Keys

“A Gate on the Music” by muggiahrr on DeviantArt.

The Pagan Blog Project: K is for Keepers and Keys

Gate Keeper.  Lore Keeper.  Secret Keeper.  Titles like these spark something deep in my mind.  The act of keeping is so much more than the word suggests.  At the surface it sounds like an act of greed, but really it is more an act of protection.

I think we are all keepers of something, probably many things on different levels.  On a surface level, I am the Keeper of my House.  This means that I manage the goings-on in my house and take care of the finances involved.  This means that I take care of the inhabitants of my house.  These things become not a chore but a ritual.  These are the times I most understand Frigg as a Keeper of Keys.  On a deeper level, this same title means so much more.  As the Keeper of Keys and Household that means I have access to all in it.  The maintenance of it becomes a reflection on my spiritual and emotional state.

Beyond titles, we all keep even more within us, and I feel like a large portion of our lives is to find the right key to figure out what it is we keep.  Some people seem to know right away and are proud in their role, while others of us are still fumbling with the key-ring.  I am definitely the second type of person.  This sense of knowing there is something more but not being able to put my hand on it is what’s been driving me for the past three years.  I’ve gotten closer – a few keys have fit a little better than others, but nothing’s turning the lock yet.

Why is something so integral to our beings kept secret from us?  Is it to protect us?  Is it meant to be a challenge?  Is it some distant memory that we are usually unable to comprehend?

I have a “soul memory” for lack of a better description that involves crossing a barrier that I will never be able to cross back over.  This memory tugs on emotions ranging from nostalgic all the way to the pain of exile.  I’ve tried many times to think of something in my life that may have caused this sharp emotional reaction to anything that triggers the memory, but there’s nothing I can think of.  It seems to be the only bit of that secret coming to light, but as it stands I don’t know what to do with it.

Maybe somewhere in this old house there’s a drawer with a lot of unmatched keys thrown in it.  Guess it’s time to keep looking.



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  1. Wonderful and interesting post. Agree.

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