Greetings, and thank you for checking me out.

The majority of my writing is about my pagan-flavored path.  I share my experiences with Kemeticism, Heathenry, other deities and spirits, runes, divination, magic, etc.  I am not mystically-talented, so any deity or spirit experiences I talk about are based on nudges, divination results, or general intuition.

I’ve studied the runes for over six months, and during that time studied a lot of Northern European mythology and culture.  The main deities I’ve worked with from that track are Freyja, Heimdall, Thor, and (grudgingly) Odin.  While I don’t personally work much with Loki, I am totally Lokean-friendly.

Recently I’ve started learning more about Kemeticism.  Bast is the main deity I work with right now because others are not really connecting with me just yet, but the overall concepts in ancient Egyptian religion are really fascinating to me.  I’m anxious to learn more!

I like to write my own spells, usually incorporating candles and magic circles.  I also really really like bugs and use them in magic quite often.  I’ll eventually post a whole series on Bugs in Folklore and Magic.

That’s about it for now.  Thanks for following!

You can also find me at cicadinae.tumblr.com.


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