Braided Rope Spell for Increasing Business, Good Luck, or Whatever Else

I love crafty spells and enchantments. This is a great idea.

This Crooked Crown

Braided Rope Charm for Bringing Business, Luck, Prosperity, etc.

A simple household charm that just about anyone can do. This is more of a technique than a flat-out spell and is easily altered to your needs.

Heads up for enchanted shit in the pictures and sigils that may be in the background. I’ve included a sort of step-by-step how to below.

My entry way staircase with the new spell rope.

First gather your materials. Here I’ve created one to help with business so my choices were a fine mesh gauze gold ribbon and a red silk ribbon, seven bells (five gold, two silver, one blue), and a key. The gold and red ribbons stand for wealth, and the bells were enchanted for various things (example: “may the hearer of the bell always have wealth”). They key is because my business is a home business. It’s braided in to keep the business and home…

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The Pagan Blog Project: C is for Correctness

The word “correctness” can cause a vast array of reactions.  While one person cheers on correctness the same way they might cheer on formality and tradition, another person is rolling their eyes or trying to run.

Correctness is also why many people who come to paganism from outside instead of having grown up in it often get stuck on the doorstep.  They may really want to try out a path or reach out to a deity, but get so caught up in the correct way of doing it that they never actually go through the motions.

I’ll use myself as an example.  Heathenry was the first major pagan path I tried, and that was largely due to the fact that I wanted to learn the runes.  Not only did I want to learn the runes, but I wanted to learn them correctly.  If I’m going to do it, by gods, I’m going to do it right!  I had a similar attitude any time I wanted to make an offering to a deity, or celebrate some form of a holiday.

What was the result?  I would often read so much about it, get so many different ideas and beliefs on the “right” way to do something, that I would eventually panic and throw out the whole thing.  Even with my rune study, which I did in fact see through to the end, I found myself being extremely stressed somewhere in the third Aett because I once again got caught up in whether or not I was doing things the way I should be doing them.  And when I would follow something through, I would be more caught up in script than the actual spiritual connection.

This is not to say that correctness is bad.  In fact, it’s absolutely necessary depending on the path you are following.  If you are strict recon, then yes, you should be paying close attention to the traditional way of doing something.  If you are more recon-derived, well, there’s a little more room for change but you still need to be knowledgeable, and if you base your practice completely off your own gnosis, then the options are limitless (or not, depending on your own beliefs of course).

Having moved from recon-derived to whatever-I-am-now, I’ve found a couple of things that help me keep correctness on the radar without completely letting it rule my life.

  1. Be respectful.  If you are reaching out towards a specific deity, whether you are following traditional means or your own derivation, be respectful.  If you are trying out a different path, same story.  And please always be considerate of closed cultures.  By being respectful you will likely keep yourself in better standing as you fumble your way through, but you will also find yourself more capable of hearing and feeling what’s going on around you.  Respecting someone or something requires attention.
  2. Be realistic.  Know what your limits are, and be ready to balance tradition with practicality.  Sure, maybe you’re supposed to offer the god of 3rd street a human heart every Thursday at 2 pm, but unless you have something worked out with a coroner and a pretty open work schedule, that’s just not going to be a happening thing.  Heimdall might really like a cut of lamb, but if you can barely feed yourself Ramen, there’s probably other ways you can show your devotion to Heimdall.
  3. Be aware.  Listen for cues.  My biggest one was an abyss of depression telling me that by the book correctness wasn’t the way for me to go.  As I branch out, I have to be even more aware of myself and what’s going on around me.  Cues can come from within and without.  Listen.
  4. Keep learning.  If you are following a more formal traditional path, you have a lifetime of study ahead of you.  But so too do those who are making up their own, albeit a different kind.  No matter the case, keep reading, keep communicating, keep working.  You will never have all the answers, but you will have a lifetime of growth.
  5. Leave room for surprises.  You don’t want to be that person whose entire religious practice hinges on one interpretation of some symbol, only to find out through some new discovery that that symbol wasn’t at all what you thought it was.  That’s just one example, of course.  This happens with various traditions and pantheons as well.  Think you’re 100% loyal to the Norse pantheon, then suddenly BOOM, hi Bast.  Or Hades.  Or Lugh.  You get the idea.  Always be willing to be surprised.  That doesn’t mean that you have to make drastic changes with every surprise presented to you, but at least be ready to face them.

Most of all, don’t get so swamped in correctness that you cease to live your life, either spiritually or otherwise.  Correctness is great because it goes right in with powerful words like tradition and stability, but just as any earthy individual will tell you, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.  Ground too much and it’s suddenly extremely hard to move again.

New Year’s Resolutions and You: Witchcraft version

This Crooked Crown

Every New Year’s Day there’s about a million posts online that tell you how to make good resolutions and/or keep them. The most popular are saving money, read more, quit something (smoking, drinking, a hated job, etc), learn something new, and exercise/eat healthier1. However the most common ones are also the easiest to break2. However, magic practitioners have a leg up on every else.

How? How don’t you?

The view from my front door.

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The following will inform you just how very easy it can be to keep that New Year’s resolution – or at least have a better chance at keeping it.

  • Knot spells – Trying to quit a bad habit? Get an elastic band and braid over the elastic with thread or ribbon. As you braid, make your confirmations that this is what you’re going to…

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Fallow Times

Ever since getting involved with the online pagan communities, I would hear the phrase “fallow time” used often in reference to a period of time when one would withdraw from their practice, their devotions, and often many other aspects of their life.

I’ve been in an all-encompassing fallow time for a few months.  My practice has stopped, my caring to practice has stopped, and all that’s really left is a desire to find something significant in life but not really knowing how to go about finding it.  This isn’t as full of despair as it may sound.  So negative a feeling would still require a significant charge, and that’s just it.  My feelings on everything have been nonexistent or just flat.

The past week I’ve started trying to do small things, and normally end up facing a block that, as small as it is, is still too big for me to get over in the moment.  For example, the other day I really wanted to rearrange the room I did most of my practice and devotion in.  But as soon as I walked in, I got overwhelmed by the piles of books on the floor, the fact that nothing was where I wanted it to be, the fact that there wasn’t room for more of what I wanted in it and even if there was there’s not enough money to get it, and if there was enough money what would be the point because I’d never use it anyway… So I just shut the door and walked out again.

It’s as if lately I don’t see enough worth in myself to be deserving of the kind of passion and excitement I had before.  I see other people with worlds of opportunities before them, but because I can’t see any in front of me, I just tune everything out.  Obviously this affects more than my spiritual path, but because that path is thoroughly blocked at the moment, it isn’t able to provide the fuel to get over the rest of it like it used to.

Today, for the first time in awhile, I felt a small change.

I decided I would do something really direct and small that I wouldn’t be able to find some excuse not to finish.  I wanted to find my original rune notes and copy the parts I found useful over to my Songpaths book (the equivalent of my Book of Shadows).

I hadn’t picked up those notes in close to a year now, but as soon as I did, I felt an energy I hadn’t felt since before the fallow times even began.  The hope and eagerness I had when I started that rune study still clung to their pages.  Flipping through was like seeing a window into a different person, a happier and more fulfilled person.  No, she didn’t have a million opportunities open to her either.  She certainly didn’t have anymore money than I do.  But she was excited about something, and she was doing something.

I still haven’t copied the notes over, though I am going to as soon as I finish this post.  It was just something I wanted to share while I had the energy to share it.  It’s nice to feel a little bit of excitement again, even if it is still just an echo.